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The SIM2 SUPERCUBE is an elegant and powerful home theatre projector. This stunning projector is made from pure crystal-glass giving it an impressive, sustainable, durable, beautiful finish. Ideal for any home decor with its made-in-Italy elegance.

Not only does this projector look good but its performance is absolutely stunning too. SIM2 have made some major improvements to this SUPERCUBE model with an all new RGBRGB colour wheel improving the colorimetry and colour saturation delivered by SUPERCUBE and a new 270W lamp takes the light output to 3,000 lumens. It utilizes a Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) chipset from Texas Instruments that, combined with top-notch processing, enables the projector to deliver crisp, smooth and clear images. And, thanks to SIM2 3D technology, SUPERCUBE has the ability to convey the extended depth of 3D images that totally involve the viewer in the movie experience.

Powerful, elegant, and always chic, SUPERCUBE makes a dramatic statement in interior design. For the discerning customer, for the unique room, for a breathtaking approach to home theatre projection, SUPERCUBE delivers the “wow factor” not only with its performance, but also with its amazing, stylish cabinet design. Its crystal-glass cabinet is perfect for adding a special and unique touch to suit any taste or room style - whether traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between - making it a classic, timeless piece of art, a true keepsake. Each SUPERCUBE is a unique masterpiece that celebrates the possibilities of design.