Nordost Norse 2 Bi-wire Jumpers

Nordost Norse 2 Bi-wire Jumpers


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After paying so much time and attention to the integrity of your sound system, why degrade its performance by neglecting the last few inches of crucial cabling. Nordost?€?s Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers are the perfect solution for achieving exceptional sound by replacing the standard, bent metal plates and generic wires supplied with most bi-wire loudspeakers. ?? ??

The Norse 2 jumper uses a silver-plated, solid core OFC conductor which is wrapped in a precise spiral of Micro Mono-Filament before being covered in an outer layer of FEP insulation and cut at a specific, mechanically tuned length. This dedicated design provides a straight-line, low-loss jumper that ensures optimum results. The difference that a well-engineered jumper makes in sound quality is astonishing, and these improvements are magnified that much more when maintaining the same core cable technology throughout.

Insulation: ?? Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: ?? Mechanically tuned spacing, length and Micro Mono-Filament design
Conductors: ?? 1 x 16 AWG
Material: ?? Silver-plated 99.99999% solid-core OFC
Capacitance: ?? 2.75 pF/ft
Inductance: ?? 0.5 ??H/ft
Velocity of Propagation: ?? 96% speed of light
Termination: ?? Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana