Nordost 14-2 Bulk Speaker Cable

Nordost 14-2 Bulk Speaker Cable


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Nordost?€?s 14-2 Speaker Cable uses two 14 AWG, 99.9999% OFC stranded conductors, which have been extruded with premium PVC. This heavy gauged speaker cable is specifically constructed for in-wall installation. As such, Nordost?€?s 14-2 Speaker Cable is RoHS Compliant and has a UL rating of CL3, which is rated for up to 300 volts. The 14-2 Speaker Cable?€?s durability and flexibility make it the perfect solution for snaking your speaker cables through walls, giving your listening room a sleek look without compromising the sound and integrity of your sound system.

Insulation: ?? Extruded Premium PVC
Conductors: ?? 41 strand?? 2x14 AWG
Material: ?? 99.9999% OFC
Capacitance: ?? 11.0pF/ft
Inductance: ?? ??0.19uH/ft
Velocity of Propagation: ?? 85% Speed of light

?? Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana
(Bulk Cable - Terminated by Dealer)
Approvals: ?? RoHS Compliant, UL: CL3