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MOON 260D CD Transport with optional DAC


Design features:
  • Proprietary CD drive system mounted on our M-Quattro gel-based 4-point floating suspension for vibration damping, allowing ambient and spatial cues in your recordings to come to life like never before.

  • Two (2) digital outputs – S/PDIF and AES/EBU.

  • True 32-bit asynchronous Digital-to-Analog converter.

  • 4 digital inputs (S/PDIF x 2, TosLink x 1 and USB x 1) allowing for a connection to virtually any digital source.

  • USB input with galvanic isolation.


The following accessories should be included inside the box with your CD Transport:

  • AC power cable
  • ‘‘CRM-3’ remote control with two ‘CR-2032’ batteries  
  • ‘SimLink™’ cable with 1/8” mini plug terminations on each end
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty and product registration information (USA and Canada only)