The Revelation Continues...

The turntable is one of the oldest ways to reproducing recorded music and is still one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable ways you can listen to your favorite bands and musical pieces. The turntable is the best way to listen to your much loved record collection and with a huge resurgence in LP sales a lot of your favourite current music artists are releasing their albums on LP's too. 

Weather you are seeking to upgrade your existing turntable or if your looking to join the revolution and purchase a record player for the first time we can make sure that you get the best quality turntable that is well matched to your HiFi sound system.

LINN LP12 Turntable

45 Years on and still the pinnacle of record player design.

The iconic turntable, ready to roll

The LP12 is fully modular, so you can build it to your own unique spec. Too much choice? Don't worry, we've pre-configured three complete versions of LP12.

Go for the ultimate Klimax version, entry level Majik, or upgraded Akurate. You'll hear more music than you thought possible from the groove of a record. Plus, you can upgrade any LP12 to the latest and best specification, piece by piece.

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